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Set yourself up for professional success in 2023 with the FREE Health Career Success Programme – 3 hours of CPD

I've worked with hundreds of senior doctors and public health professionals across the UK and internationally over the last 6 years, supporting them with all aspects of their careers and professional lives.

Many doctors and public health professionals tell me that they feel like they are floundering in their career, at a crossroads, are stuck in procrastination, are worried about burning out, or fear being able to sustain their role into the future. Others feel excited, and perhaps daunted by their leadership challenges.

Most say they want to feel fulfilled professionally, to do a great job, and also to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

I've created the Health Career Success Programme to enable you to take stock of your own career, to make plans for the next year, and to feel fully confident in choosing an expert professional Coach to support you in your professional life.

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How the 3-Step Programme Works

The Health Career Success Programme comprises a suite of three resources for you to complete in your own time.

I will email you one Step every two working days. Each Step will take you about an hour to complete. You can download a CPD certificate at the end of each Step.

At the end of the Programme, I will send you occasional emails with new resources and ideas to support you in your career and professional life. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Enrol on the Free Health Career Success Programme here!

I hope you enjoy taking part in the Programme!

Dr Fiona Day MBChB, FFPH, Dip OccMed, GMBPsS

World-class coaching for seniordoctors, medical and public health leaders

Coaching Psychologist | Executive,Leadership & Career Coach

Independently Accredited EMCC Master Coach and Mentor

FMLM Approved Executive Coach